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Welcome to WR!

Hello and welcome to this safe-space within DA!

I created this group out of concern for a lot of the art that was being lauded as "top viewed within xx-amount-of-time." When you go to look at the main page of DA, there seems to be a running trend in the depiction of women from artists on DevArt. It's unfortunate that for a vast majority of the art on the site, the depiction women fall into three major categories:

(a) Women as objects without any outstanding personality or sentient traits outside of her being something 'pretty'
(b) women as hyper-sexual beings vying for the male gaze (includes full-frontal nudity outside of any believable context, IE kitsch).
(c) women as objects of fetish and/or in a non-consensual sexual nature.

The message that is being sent with the popularity of this is that the only way a woman is to be portrayed is as an inanimate object, as something to be quietly dominated and disregarded. And frankly? That sucks. Women should not have to be depicted as some kind of shameless centerfold in order to be beautiful or paid attention to. While it is possible to be both a woman and be erotically depicted without it being a bid for page-views and pRon, i'll be damned if I see much of it online. Especially not on DevArt where the subject is handled with about as much grace as a Klan rally.

:bulletred:Who can join?:bulletred:
Anyone can join this group. This group space is for people who agree with the above mentioned, and are looking for an inspiring, empowering look at women's bodies through all forms of art that don't cut them down to prepackaged meat.

:bulletred:How do I join?:bulletred:
If you click up on the blue banner across the top part of the page, there should be a 'join this group!' button available. After you have joined the group, you can submit art to be featured on the website.

:bulletred:What can I submit?:bulletred:
This group is for both women artists and those who depict women in all manner of art - visual, musical, theatrical, literary - and do not so in a way that denigrates them or burns them down to little more than eye-candy. Nudity is certainly allowed as favorites or featured material, albeit it must be done in a respectful, tasteful manner and composition. (Nudity for nudity's sake is sort of what we're trying to avoid in the group, though there will be things that push that gray area, i'm sure.) Art that is not objectifying or denegrating women through brash and/or kitschy depictions of nudity will be allowed as submitted work.

Also make note that this group is largely based on a healthy depiction of women. If you are submitting art that does not have a female or a feminine principle as its subject (even if the submitter is female), it likely won't be accepted.

As of early 2013, this group is no longer accepting fanart for animated shows because it tends to become the bulk amount of art submitted once it is accepted on a regular basis. This is not because the group has anything against fanart (The Admin is a huge cartoon/comicbook nerd, if it should be known), but because there are so few groups specifically for non-objective views of women and so so many for collections of anime/disney/cartoon network fanart.

:bulletred:How much can I submit?:bulletred:
We will take in in 4 submissions per person a day and up to 10 deviations a week: the limit is to avoid bulk gallery KO / DevSpam. Please note if you submit more than 4 items in a 24 hour period, I will pick the 4 I like the best and ignore the others until you resubmit them at a later date. This is to avoid people getting 60 of the same flavor of deviation in their inbox -- it is more common for people to ignore or quit groups that have 10+ deviations every day because most people don't have time to look at & comment on that much material in a sitting (on top of their other Devwatches). You may also submit 2 of the same series in a 2 month period. After that, I will automatically deny art or delete overflow. (If I don't put this rule in, we have people submitting 8 of the same image with different filters on it.)

:bulletgreen:I submitted art and it was rejected. What gives?!:bulletgreen:
Unfortunately, not everything that gets submitted makes it to the website. If you have a submission rejected, it is not a commentary on the quality of your artwork, but more of how it is perceived. There are a few reasons artwork will not pass submission: (1) nudity with low and/or no believable working context behind it (E.G. pin-up art, nude glamor shots), or (2) Artwork that seems to be directed towards sexualizing women more than telling a story about them. (3) Art that does not seem to be related to positively displaying women and/or art whose content does not actually have women in it.

:bulletgreen:If my art was rejected, can you tell me why?:bulletgreen:
certainly! I would love to have a respectful, open dialogue with anyone who wants to engage in one. If you send the group a note with your question and a link to the deviation(s) that did not pass submission, I would gladly re-evaluate why they did not pass.

:bulletgreen:There has been a submission that passed that I don't agree with. Can I talk with someone about why it got accepted?:bulletgreen:
certainly! we all have different tastes, and some things that go into the gray areas for some people may be way over the line for others. If you would like to contest a submission, please send the group a note. Please note that opening a 'contestable submission' inquiry does not necessarily mean that i will be immediately yanking it off the page. Please also know that if I get a lot of people who are unhappy about a specific image, it may not stay in the group gallery either.

:bulletgreen:Will you be affiliates with my group?:bulletgreen:
Currently, we are only affiliates with groups that revolve around social justice and the progress of women's rights. If your group is a general art group or not specifically geared towards issues of social justice, WR will not affiliate.
Hey all~ :rose:

It's been a bit since I've made a journal entry which is pretty good stuff! :heart: 850 members strong, and I'm so happy that you all can be part of the WR 'journey'! I hope your November treated you well and here's to lots of awesome new artworks continuing into 2016!

I just wanted to put up a little bit of a reminder again as I'm having to be the bad guy and say no to a lot of cartoon/anime/videogame fanart again. I think I was being a bit lax on it for a while because it was dying down, but I'm starting to get a lot of repeat submissions that I'm having to decline. I will be going through the group and systematically removing stuff that I recognize as falling into this catagory. (I may miss some, and please keep me honest if I do! send me a reminder if you see something that shouldn't be up. I sometimes miss stuff when I'm going through submissions at 11pm after I get home from work.)

For those who'd like to read the original post on this, please click below:…

For the TL;DR crowd:
WR has had to cut down drastically on the amount of animated fanart it accepts (read: no more) because of complaints from members about the group turning into an anime/disney/cartoon network fanart group when there are so few groups actually directed at respectful portrayals of women.
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CreoleLadyLayla Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016
Thanks a lot for requests! :heart:
LualaDy Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016   Traditional Artist
Hello ! I joined recently and read carefully the rules. I chose 4 pictures from my gallery that are not in the same series ! I hope it will pass the review phase ^^
xxdhxx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for reviewing the rules before submitting! :rose: Yup, all of them are lookin' good. You can submit up to 10 pictures in a 7 day period. :)
LualaDy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016   Traditional Artist
Yes I'm aware ^^ I keep those free slots in case I come up with cool art in the next few days ^^
Thanx for accepting my work
ebbing-gale Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the requests.
xxdhxx Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem! thanks for the lovely art! :rose:
Gloomu Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This group is such a lovely place to see/submit art. It really makes lots of women (even some men) feel a bit better knowing there is a place on here where it isn't fetish or porn. I'm happy this is here. <3
xxdhxx Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, Gloomu! :rose:
I try hard to poke around DA, too, and see if I can't find anything neat that comes my way.
Gloomu Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Its hard looking around tho. : ( 
NurRayArt Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I give full respect for this Group!
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